Wendy Davis Falls Short of Fundraising Goals

Wendy Davis ChartThe Wendy Davis campaign wants Texans to believe that her campaign exceeded their own fundraising goals and surpassed the fundraising efforts of our Republican Gubernatorial candidates. The truth is that she fell short on both and had to beef up her numbers by taking credit for money raised by a 3rd party group, the Texas Victory Committee. Although, after being described as “not ready for prime time” and significantly misrepresenting the facts in a recent attack on Attorney General Abbott (1),  we shouldn’t be surprised that the Democrat candidate for Governor is fudging the numbers. It’s further evidence that, if elected, Davis would continue the practice of fuzzy math we have come to expect from the D.C. Democrats and have been working tirelessly to keep out of Texas.

On her own, the Wendy Davis campaign raised $8.7 million in the latest reporting period, compared to $11.5 million raised by the Abbott campaign. After adding $3.5 million raised by “The Texas Victory Committee”, a joint fundraising committee of the Davis Campaign and Battleground Texas, created to support all Democrat candidates, the fundraising total she claims is $12.5 million. If the press is going to give Wendy Davis credit for the funds Battleground Texas is raising, they should also ask her if she still distances herself from that organization, which ridiculed Attorney General Abbott late last year for being paralyzed. (2)

In addition, if you are going to give the Davis campaign credit for 3rd party money, Republican gubernatorial candidates should also be credited with the $1.8 million in federal and state money raised by the Republican Party of Texas, which will also be spent to help Republican candidates. Doing so would bring the total raised by Attorney General Abbott to $13.3 million. This doesn’t even include money raised by other Political Action Committees that are committed to support our Republican nominees, including the Republican Governor’s Association, the Associated Republicans of Texas, and countless pro-business and pro-liberty issue advocacy groups.

In short, the only way to accurately compare finance reports is for candidates to simply report what they raised individually, rather than reporting fuzzy math by including 3rd party finance reports.  Anything else simply perpetuates the growing consensus that Wendy Davis is ill-equipped to be Governor.

Note: The RPT is not endorsing General Abbott in the primary race for governor. The purpose of the reference to General Abbott in this email is to refute the claims made by the Wendy Davis campaign that they outraised Attorney General Abbott during the July-December fundraising period.