January 27, 2016

Contact: Michael Joyce

Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler’s Statement on the Division Within the Texas Democratic Party

“It has become evident that there is an increasing divide amongst the Texas Democratic Party. Following Representative-Elect John Lujan’s historic victory in Texas House District 118 last evening, Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza had some very unflattering words to say about Texas Democrat Tomas Uresti. It appears as if the Establishment and far-left progressives of the Texas Democratic Party are at odds with one another, which further proves our point about last evening’s runoff election; when Republicans work together, we win. While the Texas Democrats are in a fractured state, the Republican Party of Texas worked together to take a seat in a heavily Democrat-leaning area of San Antonio. With one victory already secured in 2016, our party stands united and highly motivated to trounce the Democrats up and down the ballot this year.”



“I’m not upset about the loss. I’m upset we had a terrible candidate. The difference between Republican John Lujan and Democrat Tomas Uresti is the difference between cat shit and dog shit.”

-Ed Espinoza, the Progress Texas executive director, on the Democratic loss in San Antonio Tuesday night