AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas and Chairman Steve Munisteri wish to congratulate former Solicitor General Ted Cruz on winning the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

"It is a stunning and monumental achievement that Former Solicitor General Ted Cruz has become the Texas Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate", said Munisteri. "It is extremely rare for a candidate who has never held public office to win a statewide race against a current statewide office holder. The fact that former Solicitor General Cruz was able to accomplish this, is a testament to his hard work, passion, oratory skills, and successful grassroots campaign effort. When the final chapter is written of the account of this election, it will become a textbook example for how candidates in the future should wage successful grassroots campaigns."

Munisteri continued, "Ted Cruz's passion has been instilled among his supporters and generated energy within the Republican Party which we are confident will carry over into November and help the entire ticket. I am equally confident that Ted Cruz will represent the State of Texas in Washington D.C. with the same passion and commitment that he campaigned with. I am optimistic that he will be part of a November political shockwave that will help transform Washington, so that it is more responsive to the American people and solves the nation's fiscal woes."

"Now that the runoff is over, the Republican Party of Texas will devote the resources of the State Party to marshal behind Ted Cruz and help lead our full Republican ticket to Victory in November. The entire RPT staff looks forward to working closely with the Cruz campaign staff over the next 98 days."

"I also would like to commend Governor Dewhurst for serving ably as our Lieutenant Governor and for the dignified manner in which he issued his conciliatory remarks tonight. The RPT is appreciative of the pledge that the Governor made during his concession speech to support and help elect Ted Cruz to the Senate. We look forward to working with Lt. Governor Dewhurst during the next session of the Legislature to continue to promote the conservative agenda here in the State of Texas."

"Now is the time for all Republicans to unite behind our nominee Ted Cruz, so that we can obtain a majority in the U.S. Senate and retire Harry Reid."