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About Victory

Texas Victory plays a central role in turning out Republican voters in the Lone Star State and remains critical to our success as a party. It is Texas Victory that provides state-wide field staff, supports and trains the boots on the ground that knock on doors, make phone calls, and send text messages. Victory also serves as a resource to provide data, digital, mail, and other critical resources to Republican candidates and their campaigns for the general election.  

Rather than funding multiple candidates, committees, and outside groups, which can lead to duplicative efforts, we are working to combine forces, maximize efficiencies, and make the most of each dollar. Texas Victory eliminates the need for outside groups and Super PACs because we can do what they can’t – work directly with candidates and their campaigns. You’ll know your money is going to help candidates as meaningfully as possible, and our work can be leveraged all over the state, up and down the ballot.

With the Democrats spending an unprecedented amount of money to flip Texas, we can’t afford to take this year for granted.  With redistricting next year, Texas picking up additional congressional seats, the battle for the White House, an exploding population, and changing demographics – this truly is an election year like we’ve never seen before.

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