Dear Fellow Texas Republican,

As you may have heard, our State Party is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. We were founded on the principles of liberty and justice for all during a time when that concept was not so popular.

Today, our Party continues to fight for those principles against a determined Left who shout down our values and dehumanize those who dare to disagree. Their goal is to control the media and the narrative, and ultimately, to turn Texas blue.

That is why the support of grassroots conservatives, like you, is so crucial. Our Grassroots Club currently has 850 members, just 150 shy of 1,000. The Republican Party of Texas can not just rely on support from big donors to Keep Texas Red. We need buy-in from every Republican because the Party has a difficult job ahead and will only function at its best with the help of the grassroots.

Will you help us challenge the Left head-on? On our 150th anniversary, will you become 1 of the 150 new Grassroots Club members we need to get us to 1,000?

The Party is counting on you and appreciates your support.


The Republican Party of Texas


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