The last week to vote early in Texas begins today and some people think we have already won the election. While the polls might show that Greg Abbott has a generous lead, the only poll that matters is on Election Day. And what’s not making news is that many of our judges and legislators are in danger of losing to liberal candidates who support President Obama’s left wing agenda. In fact, President Obama best summed up what’s at stake when he announced, “I’m not on the ballot this fall, but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot.”

Texas Republicans have successfully pushed back in DC to keep Obama’s liberal, anti-liberty policies out of Texas, but the President has sent his Chicago and DC buddies to our Lone Star State this year to try to force a change in our state. For the next 5 days, all registered Texans can vote early. We need you to show up to encourage all of your friends and neighbors to show up to cast their straight ticket Republican vote because this election is about the top of the ticket all the way down to the bottom of the ticket.

By voting early, you guarantee you avoid unpredictable conflicts on Election Day and guarantee your voice is heard. Voting early is easy – you can avoid long lines and have the convenience of voting at any polling location in your county.  Visit to find out how.

Thank you for joining us to Keep Texas Prosperous by Keeping Texas Red!