Last week, the Senate passed SB 14, a bill to ban the castration and mutilation of children for gender transition purposes, out of the State Affairs committee after many hours of testimony.  Thank you to Senator Donna Campbell for doing an excellent job laying out her bill and questioning witnesses.  In the House, the companion bill by Rep. Oliverson is set for a big committee hearing today (Monday).

Like last week, this week is a busy one for several of our Legislative Priorities.  Monday in the Senate, the following bills are listed on the intent calendar for debate and vote on the floor:

SB14 Campbell – Prohibit gender modification of children
SB162 Perry – Can not change sex on birth certificate
SB959 Campbell – Prohibit transactions between charter schools & abortion providers or affiliates

The following bills will be heard in Senate State Affairs Committee beginning Monday at 9:00 a.m. in the Senate Chamber:

SB 1039 Bettencourt – Address election irregularities
SB 397 Hall – Requiring printing of tapes after EV close (Election Integrity Committee priority)
SB 990 Hall – Eliminating county wide polling places (Election Integrity Committee priority)
SB 1938 Bettencourt – Cleaning voter rolls (Election Integrity Committee priority)

In the House, the following bills will be heard in committee:

Monday, 3/27 – Public Health 8:00 a.m., E2.036

            HB 1686 Oliverson – Prohibit gender modification of children

Tuesday, 3/28 – Public Education 8:00 a.m., E2.036

            HB 1507 Ken King – Prohibit school programs celebrating or providing instruction regarding sexual preference.

Wednesday, 3/29 – Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence 8:00 a.m., E2.016

            HB 888 Slawson – Extend the statute of limitations for patients to sue for gender modification procedures.

Thursday, 3/30 – Elections

            HB 2020 Oliverson – Extend authority to SOS under certain criteria.

            HB 3611 Cain – Prohibiting Ranked Choice voting. (Election Integrity Committee priority)

Action Items:

  1.  Please contact your Senator and ask them to vote YES on SB 14, SB 162, and SB 959.
  2. Please call these members of the Public Health Committee and ask them to vote YES on HB 1686 to prohibit gender modification of children.  Submit a public comment here if you cannot testify in Austin.
    • Chair:  Stephanie Klick 512-463-0599
      Vice Chair:  Liz Campos 512-463-0452
      Nicole Collier 512-463-0716
      Jacey Jetton 512-463-0710
      Ann Johnson 512-463-0389
      Jolanda Jones 512-463-0524
      Venton  Jones 512-463-0586
      Tom Oliverson (email Rep. Oliverson and thank him for authoring the bill)
      Four Price 512-463-0470
      Reggie Smith 512-463-0297
      Tony Tinderholt 512-463-0624
  3. Please call Public Education members and ask them to vote YES on HB 1507 to prohibit school programs from celebrating or providing instruction regarding sexual preference.  Submit a public comment here.
    • Chair:  Brad Buckley 512-463-0684
      Alma Allen 512-463-0744
      Steve Allison 512-463-0686
      Charles Cunningham 512-463-0520
      Harold V. Dutton, Jr. 512-463-0510
      Cody Harris 512-463-0730
      Brian Harrison 512-463-0516
      Cole Hefner 512-463-0271
      Gina Hinojosa 512-463-0668
      Ken King 512-463-0736
      Oscar Longoria 512-463-0645
      Matt Schaefer 512-463-0528
      James Talarico 512-463-0821
  4. Please call House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence members and ask them to vote YES on HB 888 to extend the statute of limitations for patients to sue for gender modification procedures.  Submit a public comment here.
    • Chair:  Jeff Leach  512-463-0544
      Vice Chair:  Julie Johnson  512-463-0468
      Yvonne Davis  512-463-0598
      Lulu Flores  512-463-0674
      Joe Moody  512-463-0728
      Andrew S. Murr  512-463-0536
      Mike Schofield  512-463-0528
      Shelby Slawson  512-463-0628
      Cody Vasut  512-463-0564
  5. Please call Senate State Affairs members and ask them to vote YES on election integrity bills SB 1039, SB 397, SB 990, and SB 1938.
    • Chair:  Bryan Hughes 512-463-0101
      Vice Chair:  Angela Paxton 512-463-0108
      Paul Bettencourt 512-463-0107
      Brian Birdwell 512-463-0122 
      Morgan LaMantia 512-463-0127
      Jose Menendez 512-463-0126
      Tan  Parker 512-463-0112
      Charles  Perry 512- 463-0128
      Charles Schwertner 512-463-0105
      Judith Zaffirini 512-463-0121
  6. Please call the House Elections Committee and ask them to vote YES on election integrity bills HB 2020 and HB 3611. Submit a public comment here.
    • Chair:  Reggie Smith 512-463-0297
      Vice Chair:  John H. Bucy III 512-463-0696
      Dustin Burrows 512-463-0542
      Giovanni Capiglione 512-463-0690
      Mano DeAyala 512-463-0514
      Christian Manuel 512-463-0662
      Eddie Morales 512-463-0566
      Valoree Swanson 512-463-0572
      Hubert Vo 512-463-0568

Thank you for contacting these elected officials.  The Democrats are very organized and make many phone calls and show up in large numbers in person.  We must do the same to support our Republicans.

Please share this email with anyone you think will be willing to make calls and submit comments. 

If you plan to attend our event on April 20 on Ban Gender Modification of Children at the Capitol with our grassroots coalition partners, bus rides are now FREE from the DFW area.  Sign up here:

To get more updates regarding election bills, visit

For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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