Late Sunday evening, Texas House lawmakers passed HB 1 and took an important step to finalizing a budget that will be balanced and fiscally responsible for not only these next two years, but for future generations of Texans. The careful and responsible approach they have taken toward this process is borne out in this budget. The RPT has encouraged all of our Representatives to hold fast to the principles of shrinking the size and scope of government, and they have met that challenge by passing a budget that does not raise taxes on the people of Texas.

The RPT wishes to thank all of our Republican representatives for their hard work and leadership in passing HB 1 this weekend. We salute House Speaker Joe Straus for his steady leadership and conservative approach to this budget making process. Also, we especially want to recognize and thank Appropriations Chairman Jim Pitts (R-Waxahachie) and his floor leaders for their dedication to seeing this important legislation passed through the House.

Said RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri – “I am extremely proud of the hard work our Republican State Representatives have dedicated to this debate over the past days. For many weeks and months, these elected officials and their staffs have been committed to finding ways to improve the efficiency of state government and to identify savings. HB 1 is still a work in progress, yet the work so far demonstrates how our House Republicans are committed to taking our available resources and concentrating them as much as possible into the areas that need it most. As conservatives, we ask our elected officials to make hard choices in these tough times to be both fiscally responsible and to also honor our state’s committments to those who need our help. I am grateful for the leadership of our House Republicans in working toward both those goals.”

Following this vote, HB 1 now heads to the Texas Senate where the bill is expected to go through a number of changes as those members debate the biennial budget. When the Senate passes their version, HB 1 will head to a conference committee for final approval.

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