The Texas delegation to the RNC has learned that Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, will indeed seek re-election to an unprecedented third term in January. It is not expected that Chairman Priebus will have any opposition as at least 150 of the 168 RNC members have already pledged their support for his re-election, including all three members of the Texas delegation. In fact it was approximately one month ago that RNC Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong, Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell, and Texas State GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri (who has a vote on the RNC as a result of his being Chairman) all wrote a letter to Chairman Priebus urging him to run.

The Texas delegation had urged him to run as result of the unprecedented level of resources and support allocated to Texas during the last election cycle, and for the further reason that all three Texas members are supportive of the concept of year-round engagement and Victory centers. Upon hearing the news of the announcement, the Texas Republican delegation made the following comments:

Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell commented, “In the short time I’ve served with Chairman Priebus it became obvious from the beginning he would lead our team to victory. Charmian Priebus has demonstrated his strong leadership skills by developing engagement teams that gathered large blocks of votes from ethnic, young, women, faith based and other groups. Join the Texas team in supporting Chairman Priebus as he continues his success into 2016.”


Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong commented, “Reince Priebus has been a dynamic and effective leader for the Republican National Committee.  He has led our party through a very difficult time, shepherding the RNC out of debt and leading us to the extraordinary electoral victories that we experienced this fall.  Reince understands that our conservative values will strengthen every community in our Nation.  He has quickly updated our digital and data capabilities, and has exceeded the technological capabilities of the Democrats.  He has also wisely created a 24/7 political operation which has won victories in 2014, and laid the groundwork for a presidential victory in 2016.  For these reasons and many more, Texas wholeheartedly endorses Reince Priebus for reelection as RNC chairman!”

Chairman Steve Munisteri commented, “I was very happy and relieved to learn that Chairman Preibus has agreed to seek a third term. The Chairman has been a true partner with the Texas GOP in developing and implementing a statewide engagement effort. He also has shared our vision of establishing year-round Victory centers to continue the vital work of updating our databases, identifying potential Republican voters, and building up infrastructure in between elections. In Texas, our statewide candidates either won or evenly split the Hispanic vote, won the Asian-American vote, and doubled our support in the African-American community due, in large part, to the assistance received from Chairman Priebus and the RNC. The Texas GOP looks forward to continuing to work with Reince to ensure that the Democrat’s efforts to turn Texas blue never come to fruition.”