AUSTIN, TX – Adryana Aldeen has been hired by the Republican Party of Texas as the Special Advisor to the Chair for Hispanic Engagement. This provides yet another strong signal that the Republican Party of Texas recognizes the importance of accurately sharing our message with all Texans. Adryana’s efforts have already produced positive results for the RPT, including Spanish-language media coverage, roundtable discussions with conservative Hispanic leaders, and coordination of efforts with Republican county parties on Hispanic engagement.

Chairman James Dickey stated: “The Republican Party of Texas is excited about the additional coordination and visibility that Adryana Aldeen has brought to our efforts to increase our connections with Hispanic Texans. Adryana’s significant accomplishments in just the past month have built new bridges between conservative Hispanic leaders and the RPT. Her clear focus on standing up for and clearly communicating our Party’s principles and platform, including on border security, immigration, economic, and social issues, will reinforce and support the RPT’s dynamic field program. I am very pleased that Adryana has joined the RPT as Special Advisor to the Chair for Hispanic Engagement.”

Adryana is a consultant, analyst, and strategist on public policy, politics, business marketing and Hispanic issues. Adryana was born in Puebla, Mexico, moved to the US during college, and became an American citizen in 1994. She has been listed as a Spanish-speaking expert at top national conservative leadership organizations, provided services to nationally recognized media platforms, written regular columns for news outlets such as Texas Insider and TexasGOPVote, and served for nine years as the National Director of VOCES Action, a non-profit organization which informed, educated, and empowered Latinos regarding public policy.