AUSTIN, TX – Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey released the following statement and video after the polls closed on Election Day.

My fellow Texas Republicans, thank you for making your voices heard at the polls. Our elections are crucial to deciding the future of our state and our nation. As you are well aware, The Republican Party of Texas does not do anything to influence the outcomes of the primary elections. That’s because we trust you, our voters, to choose the nominee through the primary election process.

By exercising your right, you have let us know who you think should be the Republican Nominees for our ticket in the general election. To our Republican leaders’ credit, our officials take very seriously the need to earn the support and vote of every Texan.

And at this time I want to congratulate all of our Republican primary election winners. I am excited to work with all of you in ensuring that we keep Texas red!

We still have some races that will be called later this evening, possibly some that will be called tomorrow morning, and have some races that will go to a runoff election. But at this time I am asking that all Republicans in Texas will join me in supporting the Republican Ticket in 2018.

As a party we must foster unity, heal division, and move forward and focus on our goal of electing Republicans in races up and down the ballot in 2018. The Democrats have sent a resounding message that they are showing up in full force this election. That a blue wave is crossing the nation. But I know if anyone is going to stop this wave, that’s it’s going to be Texas.

We must bind together and fight the democrats attacks against our party’s message for limited government and economic prosperity. For years Texas has remained a beacon for what economic freedom can accomplish. This week, it was announced that Texas won Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup recognizing the top performing state for business and job creation for a record breaking 6th year in a row.

We must keep the Texas miracle alive, and that starts with us working together. The Republican Party of Texas and Republicans up and down the ballot need your help. I know that if we work together that we will keep Texas red.

But our work begins immediately by unifying together against the Democrats. I hope that the Republican Party of Texas, and all our Republican nominees can count on your support.

Thank you. God bless you, and God bless Texas.”

You can watch Chairman Dickey’s video here.