“Republicans all over Texas are desperate for property tax relief and overwhelmingly support the abolishment and replacement of the ad valorem tax. The abolishing of property taxes was approved by 69.5% of Republican Primary voters in 2016 and later approved as a legislative priority by 87.89% of delegates at the Republican State Convention. Last night, the Legislative Affairs Committee of the State Republican Executive Committee voted to approve Representative Valoree Swanson’s bill HB 91 as enacting this priority in its entirety if passed.

Swanson’s bill calls for the end of the ad valorem tax and for the legislature to determine a more equitable way to fund the constitutionally mandated efficient system of public free schools. The Comptroller would be tasked with determining the alternative means of funding and present his report no later than December of 2018.

The Republican Party of Texas thanks Representative Valoree Swanson for filing HB 91 and offers all our support for passage of this legislation during the special session.”