AUSTIN – As part of the Republican Party of Texas’ broadening outreach activities, Chairman Steve Munisteri has assigned RPT Youth Outreach Coordinator Austen Bailey, to the task of creating and compiling a monthly conservative newspaper written by college students across Texas.

As was covered by the UT campus paper the Daily Texan, the New Texas Forum is well on target for its initial rollout to the campus of the University of Texas on October 1st!  Further editions will be expanded to include distribution at more colleges and universities across the state.

“It’s going to be an answer to The Daily Texan or the Burnt Orange Report,” said Bailey.  “We will also be coordinating an online presence and news team to keep daily items flowing out to our audience through the website.  Especially in this political environment, where the President and Democrats are quickly falling out of favor among young people, it’s critical to engage students with a Republican, conservative message.”

RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri remarked, “I’m fully committed to helping Austen succeed with the New Texas Forum.  As part of the team that started the original Texas Forum, I’ve witnessed the power of the conservative message as it takes hold in the hearts and minds of a generation.  We used Texas Forum to help elect Ronald Reagan back in 1980, and I’m looking forward to watching the New Texas Forum spread across the state to help elect a new Republican president in 2012.”

RPT Communications Director Chris Elam, has a personal interest in helping Austen and his team succeed. “My father Mark Elam, was the editor of the first Texas Forum, and authored numerous articles throughout its publication.  Its a true pleasure to see this work re-established, and Austen is well on his way to making this new venture into a political force even stronger than its predecessor.  Our generation is awakening to the facts that they have been given little more than sound bites and emotionally-driven platitudes by Obama and the Democrats.  In the New Texas Forum, they’ll find a solid, values-based alternative dedicated to the principles of limited government and freedom. Get ready Longhorns – Austen and team are bringing the knowledge.”