Thank you for your email. RPT Rule 1f provides the Republican State Chair the authority to clarify rules where ambiguity exists subject to final clarification by the SREC. I read your question as “What does the word ‘committee meeting’ mean in in RPT Rule 7(b)(5)?”

I clarify that RPT Rule 7(b)(5) means all committee meetings, including state executive committee meetings and county executive committee meetings. 

I come to this conclusion by adhering to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised principles of interpretation #8. The term ‘committee meeting’ is a general term that encompasses two or more specific terms. The specific terms ‘state executive committee meeting’, ‘county executive committee meeting’, ‘committee of the state executive committee’, and ‘committee of a county executive committee’ all fall within the general term ‘committee meetings.’

I would also caution for your calculations that the county chair is a member of the executive committee and therefore should be counted in determining the proper number that constitutes one-fifth of the members.

Best Regards,

James Dickey

Republican Party of Texas State Chairman

RONR p 591 ll 10-14.

In cases where the bylaws use a general term and also two or more specific terms that are wholly included under the general one, a rule in which only the general term is used applies to all the specific terms.