Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey issued the following statement on tax reform:

“We support Congress and the President as they develop a tax reform plan that will help Texans and provide much needed relief. The goals we want in tax reform are simple: lower the tax burden, simplify the tax code, and boost economic growth.

“Perpetually expanding government and taxes hurt everyone. Reducing the tax burden will boost take-home pay for all Texans, with the goal of moving towards a consumption-based tax system.

“The tax code is lengthy and complex; hundreds of instruction pages are needed for the most basic tax returns. Taxes should be made simpler––simple enough so the Internal Revenue Service is deemed unnecessary.

“Texas is an economic powerhouse in part due to its business-friendly tax environment. The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate among advanced economies, resulting in businesses leaving for countries with better tax codes. Tax reform should include relief for businesses, making the U.S. tax-competitive again.”