AUSTIN – On Monday, August 9, President Obama will visit two Texas cities, Austin and Dallas. The President’s visit is purely political: He is here to raise funds for Democrats for the US Senate and House, and for the Democrats’ own Texas gubernatorial nominee, former Houston Mayor and trial lawyer Bill White.

But while Mr. White stands to gain as much as $1 million in funds for his campaign, White himself refuses to meet with President Obama. Even though, as stated on the event invitations, the fundraisers offer an opportunity to have one’s picture taken with the President.

There is no doubt where thousands of Republicans will be on August 9. Republicans in Austin and Dallas are planning rallies to mark President Obama’s visit, with the Austin rally set for 5:30 pm on the south steps of the state capitol.

But Bill White will not be in Austin to meet with the President. And he will not be in Dallas, either. So where will he be?

Bill White’s whereabouts on August 9 are the subject of a poll on the front page of the Republican Party of Texas website – The poll asks readers to pick from a list of possible places that Bill White might turn up instead of appearing with President Obama at either of his Texas fundraisers.

“It’s significant that the only Texas official proactively offering to meet President Obama during his trip to Texas is Gov. Perry,” said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. “There are serious issues that need attention, but the President will be too busy raising money to discuss them. You’d think Bill White would extend the President some hospitality, since the two agree on so many issues and Bill White would take Texas in an Obama direction given half a chance. Back a year ago, Bill White even had himself Photoshopped beside President Obama for a political ad, but now, he won’t show up in the same city with the President. Maybe we should invite Bill White to the Hands Off Texas! rally.”

The Republican Party of Texas/Texas Republican House Committee’s Hands Off Texas! rally is set for Monday, August 9 on the south steps of the capitol at 5:30 pm. Details and speakers are still being firmed up.