Joins RMA Chairman and President, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, and RMA Advisory Board Chairman, McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos 

Austin, TX — The Republican Party of Texas congratulates Willow Park, Texas Mayor Doyle Moss on his election to the Republican Mayors Association (RMA) Advisory Board. Mayor Moss joins fellow Texas Republican mayors Eric L. Johnson of Dallas, Texas and Javier Villalobos of McAllen, Texas in leading the national organization.

Matt Rinaldi, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas said, “I commend Mayor Johnson for creating the RMA and for swiftly expanding the organization to better support Republican mayors and target Democrat-led cities that are sorely in need of conservative leadership. The work of the RMA is critical to the future of the GOP in Texas and beyond, and I am glad to see other Texas Republican mayors are assisting Mayor Johnson in establishing the RMA, including McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos and Willow Park Mayor Doyle Moss.”

Founded in October 2023 by Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson, the RMA is the premier organization leading the Republican Party’s reemergence as a political force in America’s cities. Without great cities, we cannot have a great country – we need more Republican mayors who will champion conservative, law and order, common sense principles.

The RMA is committed to amplifying the accomplishments of our nation’s current Republican mayors and electing new Republican mayors who will champion public safety, low taxes, and efficient and responsive government. In the coming months and years, the RMA will have an impact on elections not only in Texas but across the nation. 

RMA Chairman and President Eric L. Johnson said, “Through the RMA, we are creating a network of like-minded mayors who understand that all Americans want well-funded, not defunded, police departments and low taxes that allow them to keep more of their hard-earned paycheck. I am glad we now have two strong Texas Republican mayors helping to lead the RMA and the support of Chairman Rinaldi as we gear up to elect more Texas Republican mayors heading into the 2024 election cycle and beyond.”

RMA Advisory Board Chairman Javier Villalobos said, “It is an honor to serve as Chairman of the RMA Advisory Board and work with my fellow Texas GOP mayors, Mayor Johnson and Mayor Moss, to expand the RMA and provide resources and support to our fellow Republican mayors.” 

Mayor Doyle Moss said, “The RMA presents a unique opportunity for Republican mayors from all over our great state and nation to come together and support one another as we serve our constituents. I am eager to join the RMA Advisory Board and help Mayor Johnson, Mayor Villalobos — two proud fellow Texas Republican mayors — engage with mayors across the United States who share our commitment to law and order and fiscal conservatism.”

Mayor Moss joins, in addition to Mayor Johnson and Mayor Villalobos, Matthew Moench, Mayor of Bridgewater, New Jersey, Ronald Morrell, Jr., Mayor of Marion, Indiana, and Erin Stewart, Mayor of New Britain, Connecticut, on the RMA Advisory Board. Mayor Moss will serve a one-year, renewable term.

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