On Friday September 27, the State Republican Executive Committee’s Volunteerism Committee hosted a Volunteer of the Year dinner at the Austin Club to recognize 31 of Texas’s best Republican volunteers. In a state as large as Texas it takes tens of thousands of volunteers to help Republican candidates spread conservative values across the state. We cannot thank these special volunteers enough for going above and beyond our expectations to help keep Texas red.


SREC Member Rex Teter, who also provided the entertainment for the night by playing the piano, kicked off the night with a invocation before the pledges to the American and Texas flags, which were led by RPT General Counsel Patrick O’Daniel and RPT Treasurer Tom Mechler, respectively. SREC Member Jane Cansino then sang the Star Spangled Banner. We would also like to thank Senator Ted Cruz for taking time out of his busy schedule fighting Obamacare and Democrats in Washington to send a video message to the volunteers of the year thanking them for their service and grassroots leadership. Republican National Committee members Toni Anne Dashiell and Dr. Robin Armstrong then presented the awards for each Volunteer of the Year while giving the audience a brief overview of how each volunteer has impacted the Republican Party in the past year.

Dashiell and Armstrong

Following the presentation of awards, SREC Member Rhonda Lacy sang God Bless America before RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri introduced keynote speaker, Lieutenant GovernorDavid Dewhurst. Chairman Munisteri gave a short speech thanking Lt. Governor Dewhurst for his support of the Republican Party of Texas since he was elected Chairman three years ago and how he continues to be one of the RPT’s biggest supporters. Lt. Governor Dewhurst then spoke about the important role grassroots volunteers play in keeping Texas such a successful conservative state.


Texas continues to set the standard for conservative values and activism with each passing election and none of it would be possible without the hard work and support of our amazing volunteers who go above and beyond to make sure as many Republicans as possible get elected each year. The Republican Party of Texas would like to thank the 2013 Volunteers of the Year: Marty Rhymes, SD-1; Donnie Wisenbaker, SD-2; Mickey Adkins, SD-3; Marie Maggio, SD-4; Marilyn Johnson, SD-5; Cheryl Austin, SD-6; Clint Moore, SD-7; Josh Myers, SD-8; Cheryl Plunkett, SD-9; Nancy Coplen, SD-10; Deborah Roan, SD-11;Richard Steenson, SD-12; Joe Dotson, SD-13; Roger Borgelt, SD-14; Patricia Phillips, SD-15; Mathew Patrick, SD-16; Mary Kathryn Pickle, SD-17; Russell Cain, SD-18; Maggie Gunn, SD-19; Kimberly Curtis, SD-20; Dan McDonald, SD-21; Steve Jessup, SD-22;Carol Hightower, SD-23; Cassie Ohlhausen, SD-24; Mike Hoffman, SD-25; Alma Perez Jackson, SD-26; Sharon Batterson, SD-27; Teresa Beckmeyer, SD-28; Becky Hermosillo, SD-29; Richard Hayes, SD-30; and Nelson Spear, SD-31.

We would also like to thank Chairwoman Leslie Recine and all other members of the Volunteerism Committee: Linda Butts, Rex Teter, Vicki Slaton, Tina Gibson, Naomi Narvaiz, Frank SteedTom Roller, and Jane Cansino for all of their hard work planning the Volunteer of the Year dinner. None of it would have been possible without them.