Andrew White announced his candidacy today for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Although Texas will certainly reject failed Democrat policies regardless of who is their standard bearer, it appears their state party – like the Democrat national party – is rigging the race before it’s even begun.

Wendy Davis, 2014 Democratic candidate for Governor, posted on her public Facebook page a critique of White, concluding with “Uhh – no. Just no.” regarding his candidacy. Aimee Boone Cunningham, a major Democratic fundraiser and co-chair of the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign, replied: “This guy has no place in our party at all.” on the same Facebook post.

Yvonne Massey Davis, Senior Director at Organizing for Action and former Barack Obama campaign staffer, thanked Davis and replied “He is definitely not his father.”

Meanwhile the Texas Democrat Party made sure a different candidate’s announcement yesterday prominently featured their logo and apparent endorsement.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey made the following statement:

“Once again the Democrat Party is showing that they don’t trust the voters and wants to ensure a predetermined outcome in the primary. Behavior like that makes me even more proud to lead a party that is consistent in its dedication to respecting the will of the grassroots voters. Regardless of who is chosen as the Democratic nominee, I am confident Texans will continue to choose liberty, opportunity and prosperity by confidently casting their vote for Republicans.”