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WHEREAS, Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas states that “a County or Senatorial District Convention or a County or District Executive Committee may.
WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Texas lost our beloved colleague and dear friend Elizabeth Grace Petersen on September 26, 2023.
WHEREAS, the United States and Israel have maintained a strong relationship since 1948, when the United States was the first to recognize Israel as a sovereign country.
WHEREAS, both chambers of the Texas Legislature – the House of Representatives and the Senate – overwhelmingly passed resolutions to condemn the terrorist organization Hamas and its brutal.
The Texas House has scheduled debate on HB 1, a school choice bill, for the first time in over a decade.
With the 3rd special session underway, we wanted to update you on the work of the Legislative Priorities Committee.
WHEREAS, Texans will vote on fourteen proposals to amend the Texas Constitution in the November 7, 2023 election.
WHEREAS, the Republican National Committee (RNC) adopted a “Resolution Urging a ‘Return to Excellence’ in Voting and Elections” during the RNC Summer 2023 Meeting.
WHEREAS, due process and the rule of law are the very foundation of our republic and necessary to the proper functioning of a free society, without which we become nothing more than a banana republic.
WHEREAS, since 2020, the Republican Party of Texas Rule 32(a) has allowed the SREC to specify a standard format and method of submission for the lists, resolutions, and other records from the 2024 County and Senatorial District conventions
The Republican Party of Texas is distraught to learn of the tragic passing of Grace Jones. Grace served as the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) Woman for District 20, among many other positions.
WHEREAS, the development of Colony Ridge near Plum Grove in Liberty County, Texas has grown to an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 inhabitants and spans over 60 square miles.
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