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The Texas Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives, is at a crossroads. While it is on the verge of doing great things for our citizens.
We are a new SREC Committee created to educate on and advance the common sense planks that were overwhelmingly approved by Republicans from across Texas but which are not covered by our top 8 Legislative Priorities Committee.
On Tuesday, our third Legislative Priority bill will have a vote on the House floor.  SB 14, by Rep. Oliverson and Sen. Campbell, protects Texas children from so-called gender transition practices.
Last summer at the Republican Party of Texas state convention, delegates voted “Protect Our Elections” as the top legislative priority. 
Although anything can still happen, if bills are not out of committee hearing by this Thursday, they are generally not going to pass.
The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) scored a major victory for Texas parents and children today by rejecting the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).
The Texas Senate made last week a great one for children.  SB 14, Senator Campbell’s bill to stop gender mutilation of children, was successfully debated and passed by the Senate. 
The Republican Party of Texas lauds Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, bill author Senator Donna Campbell, State Affairs Chair Senator Bryan Hughes.
The Legislative Session moves very quickly; before you know it, time is running short.  Many of the bills filed will not get past the first step of having a committee hearing. 
Last week, the Senate passed SB 14, a bill to ban the castration and mutilation of children for gender transition purposes.
The Legislature is in full swing, and there are multiple action items in this email. So please read it in its entirety!
WHEREAS, America has operated on a well understood and relatively uniform election system that has been implemented over two hundred years to support our Constitutional Republic.
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