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WHEREAS, the Republican Party of Texas has for generations proudly stood for economic opportunity, personal responsibility, individual property rights, self-defense rights.
WHEREAS, Texas House Speaker Matthew McDade “Dade” Phelan voted for the impeachment of Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton.
Matt Rinaldi, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, appointed Micah Cavanaugh as Political Director today. Micah replaces Chad Shoemake, who has departed for other ventures.
Today the Republican Nation Committee selected Houston to host the 2028 Republican National Convention.
The Republican Party of Texas announced Jen Hall as their new Executive Director today, who will replace John Beckmeyer on his departure to be the City Manager for Odessa.
WHEREAS, Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton, Jr. was impeached by the Texas House of Representatives on May 27, 2023.
Last summer, during the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) State Convention, delegates voted for eight legislative priorities that fall roughly into one of two categories.
The Texas Legislature is drawing to a close and we are beginning to get a clearer picture on wins and losses for this session. 
Today the Texas House of Representatives ended the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of children by passing SB 14. 18 other states have already protected children from these horrific and abusive practices.
I am thrilled to report that, this past Friday evening, the Texas House cast a historic vote passing our major legislative priority bill, SB 14, banning gender mutilation of children.
Senate Bill 14, which would ban child gender modification, is a top legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas.
Representative Bryan Slaton officially resigned from the Texas House of Representatives today.
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