Thank you for your email. RPT Rule 1f provides the Republican State Chair the authority to clarify rules where ambiguity exists subject to final clarification by the SREC. I read your question as “What does the phrase ‘Organizational Meeting for a County Executive Committee’ mean in Rule 8e?”

RPT Rule 8e uses the term “organizational meeting” in the same sense that is used in Robert’s Rules of Order. RONR page 555 lines 6-11 reads:
“Such a resolution, it should be noted, is only a declaration of intention; its adoption does not bring the organization into being, which is accomplished by the adoption of bylaws and the signing of the membership roll by those who initially join the society, as described below [emphasis added].”
So, with respect to a County Executive Committee, an Organizational Meeting is the first CEC meeting each biennium, called in accordance with Rule 8e, at which bylaws are adopted, and at which members (precinct chairs and county chair) are sworn in (placed on the membership roll).
In the fight to defeat Democrats this November it is critical that each of us fulfill our unique roles and work together toward victory. I pray for wisdom and grace for all.
Please do not hesitate to email or call if there is any way I can be of assistance.

James Dickey
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas

Allison Winter and Walter West wrote:

Thank you for your patience and service to the Republican Party of Texas!

As SREC Committee members representing SD4, we respectfully request a formal clarification of Rule No. 8(e) in accordance with Rule No. 1(f).

RPT Rule 8e gives details around what must happen at an Organizational Meeting for a County Executive Committee, how it can be called, and the notice requirements for it. But the term “Organizational Meeting” itself is ambiguous as it is not defined. Can you please provide clarification on what makes an Organizational Meeting for a County Executive Committee?