AUSTIN – The Republican Party of Texas today unveiled a new website, The site documents Democrat state Rep. Kristi Thibaut’s sordid past and her involvement with the notorious leftwing organization ACORN. Thibaut is the incumbent in House District 133.

Thibaut’s past is not unlike that of President Barack Obama; she too started out as a community organizer. And both did work for ACORN. Kristi even appeared at the State Capitol as a paid lobbyist for ACORN during the 2007 Legislative Session.

ACORN activities have attracted the attention of law enforcement and prosecutors around the country, after they were exposed in a series of stings by a couple posing as a prostitute and a pimp, soliciting ACORN’s advice on how to operate their illegal enterprise without getting caught. Even the United States Congress condemned ACORN’s actions and cut off federal funding. The group has since seen many of its state and local branches disband, only to reconstitute under new names.

Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston said, “We are pleased to launch this new website. The voters of District 133 will be stunned to learn that their representative in Austin, Kristi Thibaut, has lobbied for one of the most corrupt organizations in America.

“We urge you to visit today and return often as the content will be updated. While this site may be of particular interest to the voters of House District 133, we think all Texans will be shocked and amazed by what they see,” Preston concluded.