Austin, TX, Release: May 1, 2023 — For Immediate Release

From: Platform Advocacy Committee Chairman Matt Patrick

To: Senators, Representatives, and Staff,

Allow me to introduce the Platform Advocacy (PA) Committee. We are a new SREC Committee created to educate on and advance the common sense planks that were overwhelmingly approved by Republicans from across Texas but which are not covered by our top 8 Legislative Priorities Committee.

We believe in letting the legislative process work and have remained silent until now to allow you to work out bills in committee. With the committee process now coming to an end, we are pleased to announce our support for the following bills, which have been reported out of committee and are in alignment with the Republican Party of Texas Platform.  As we continue to move through session we will issue additional support for other committee-approved bills.  Finally, we want to express our gratitude to all of the Authors for their hard work supporting the citizens of Texas and the Party Platform:

House Bills

Bill NumberTopicAuthorPlatform Plank #
HB 44No discrimination for lack of vaxSwanson, Klick,
HB 65Illegal border crossingSpiller, Holland, Bell, Keith259c
HB  81Vax Informed ConsentHarrison/Klick152, 163, 137
HB 200Coordinating Council for AttorneysLeach187
HB 609Business liability from pandemicVasut67, 225, 137  
HB 911Authority during disasterHarrison21, 196
HB 1804Reform Education instruction materialLeo-Wilson112, 113
HB 2273Oppose communism in TEKsOliverson112
HB 3538Banning Taxpayer-Funded LobbyingTroxclair232
HB 3614Chaplains can serve as school counselorsHefner108
HB 2389ESOP business structureShine51

Senate Bills

Bill NumberTitleAuthorPlatform Plank #
SB 2Illegal voting penaltiesHughes et al.242g
SB 3Ad valorem taxesBettencourt et al.91
SB 6Secure power gridSchwertner, King, Kolkhorst54
SB 7Reliability of  Power gridSchwertner, King54
SB 8School ESACreighton, Bettencourt, et al.101
SB 20DAs must follow the lawHuffman, Parker181, 187
SB 147Secure ownership of Texas landKolkhorst 222
SB 175Banning Taxpayer-Funded lobbyingMiddleton232
SB 177Vax Informed ConsentMiddleton152  
SB 242Protect Texas from Federal mandatesMiddleton33
SB 265Reporting on adverse vax eventsPerry137
SB 330Electric Grid SecurityHall54
SB 403Study of COVID vaxSpringer137
SB 426Patient access to off-label COVID treatmentsPaxton138, 142
SB 853Relating to electricity serviceHancock54
SB 921Bans Ranked-Choice VotingHughes246
SB 1024No mask or COVID vax mandatesKolkhorst137
SB 1396Religious studyMiddleton31
SB 151510 CommandmentsKing31
SB 1562Child groomingHancock, Huffman208
SB 2014Relating to renewable electric capacityKing et al.54
SB 2015Relating to goals for electric generation capacityKing et al.54