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Elected Officials Supporting a 4th Special Session

On October 8th 2021 the Republican Party of Texas asked Governor Abbott to ban vaccine mandates by releasing an open letter to Governor Abbott and a Resolution Defending Medical Freedom and Personal Responsibility.

Following that announcement, Governor Abbott adding banning vaccine mandates to the 3rd Special Session call, however legislation on the issue failed to pass.

After the conclusion of the 3rd Special Session, the Republican Party of Texas once again sent an open letter to Governor Abbott requesting a 4th Special Session to resolve this issue, and indorsed HB 168 by Rep. Brian Harrison. To date, a 4th Special Session has not been called.

The following members of the Texas Legislature have made a public statement supporting a 4th Special Session to ban vaccine mandates:

  1. Sen. Dawn Buckingham
  2. Sen. Bob Hall
  3. Sen. Angela Paxton
  4. Sen. Drew Springer
  5. Rep. “Doc” Anderson
  6. Rep. Keith Bell
  7. Rep. Kyle Biederman
  8. Rep. Briscoe Cain
  9. Rep. Jeff Cason
  10. Rep. Brian Harrison
  11. Rep. Cole Hefner
  12. Rep. Phil King
  13. Rep. Stephanie Klick
  14. Rep. Matt Krause
  15. Rep. Jeff Leach
  16. Rep. Mayes Middleton
  17. Rep. Candy Noble
  18. Rep. Tom Oliverson
  19. Rep. Tan Parker
  20. Rep. Matt Schaefer
  21. Rep. Matt Shaheen
  22. Rep. Bryan Slaton
  23. Rep. Shelby Slawson
  24. Rep. David Spiller
  25. Rep. Phil Stephenson
  26. Rep. Valorie Swanson
  27. Rep. Tony Tinderholt
  28. Rep. Steve Toth
  29. Rep. Cody Vasut
  30. Rep. James White

If your State Representative or State Senator isn’t on this list, please call them and ask them to put out a public statement (tweet, Facebook post, email, press release, etc.) in support of a 4th Special Session to ban vaccine mandates. Remember, a phone call is more effective than an email. If you don’t know who your Representative or Senator is or their phone number, use this link.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #FourDay4th on social media to encourage your friends to call as well!

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